To be one of the first to buy the modular mixer have a look at out Kickstarter campaign. After the campaign you will be able to purchase it on our website.

The main point is that you can design your own mixer with all the functions you really want. On the other side you don’t have to invest in functions you don’t need. We never really found the perfect mixer for us, so we thought: Why not have a modular setup which enables a lot of customization.

We currently have five working prototypes with different modules. These are being tested all over Europe. In may we will try to reach the goal of our Kickstarter campaign to further improve the mixer, develope more modules and start series production.

We will provide a generator on our website, in which you can choose the modules of your choice. You will have a live preview of your mixer and can order it afterwards. The modules and the enclosure will be send to you seperately and you will assemble your own mixer. Don’t worry, that’s fairly easy and we will provide the needed assistance.

We will release the prices as a part of our Kickstarter campaign. There you will also be able to get discounts of up to 40%.

Yes, you can integrate your Eurorack modules via our ER-Breakout module into the mixer. You can not integrate MDMX modules into your Eurorack case due to internal routing and different voltages.

You can choose out of all the modules and combine them to suit your personal style of mixing.

Module changing on the fly is theoretically possible, but depending on which module is changed, results in a short audio pause.

Of course a lot of different effect modules are planed.

In theory the concept is expandable. So you could use the modules from the MDMX04 in bigger cases. We are already thinking about it and will listen to the community.

You can find a list of our current and upcoming modules here.

We will try to ship worldwide.

We want to encourage the DIY community to build their own modules. For that we want to provide more technical information in the future.