Menura is an audio manufacturer from Bochum and Berlin in Germany. As music lovers ourselves, we are committed to creating new experiences for DJs around the world. We are excited to present the world‘s first truly modular DJ mixer.

MDMX: MODular DJ Mixer

The MDMX is one of its kind: From now on, you are the designer of your own mixer. Endless possibilities for fine-tuning to your requirements. You can adapt the mixer to your needs and let the mixer be part of your musical development. For example, you can modify the MDMX to a Rotary 2-Band-EQ Disco Mixer, however, when fed up with disco, put on linear faders and a 4-Band-EQ for fast-paced and fine-grained mixing of electronic music.

The MDMX is a fully analog mixer built from high-quality components, however, digital modules can be added. The mixer consists of six sections. For each section, you can choose the most suitable feature you are looking for. For example, do you prefer a 2-Band-EQ over a 4-Band-EQ in your channel or a vintage isolator over digital effects in your master signal? It is all in your hands from now on. If you cannot decide, opt for both options and you can easily change the setup yourself – whenever you like to.

Key Functions

Achieve the highest sound quality. Improve your performance with a mixer that suits your needs. All modules are compatible with each other, so you can combine everything. With lots of input capabilities and perfect integration into your setup, you can adapt the mixer completely to your needs. No need to buy features you don’t need.

Specification of each section

Section Overview

Section (01): Input

  • Getting the different incoming signals to the right level
  • Example Modules:
    Phono-, Line-, Mic-, Inst-, Eurorack-, USB-, Bluetooth- Inputs

Section (02): Channel Insert

  • Processing the individual channel signals with different effects
  • Examples:
    3/4 Band Isolators, 2/3/4 Band EQs, filters, digital effects

Section (03): Mixer

  • Volume control and summing
    of the channels
  • Examples: 
    Rotary controls, Line Faders,
    with or without crossfader

Section (04): Master Insert

  • Processing the summed master signal
  • Examples: 
    3/4 Band Isolators, 2/3/4 Band EQs, filters, digital effects

Section (05): Master

  • Output volume controls,
    headphone section, etc.
  • Examples: 
    different headphone amps

Section (06): Output

  • Output signal processing,
    balancing, etc.
  • Examples: 
    additional output capabilities, different balancing techniques, etc.

Product pictures